“Being high performance and living a fulfilling, holistic life can coexist. I am dedicated to helping you build an empowered life and empire that allows you to excel professionally while tapping into your truest energy and expression, so you live abundantly, joyfully and authentically - from the Bedroom, to the Boardroom and Beyond!


is the powerhouse behind countless transformations and is recognised as Australia's Leading Female Peak Performance & Leadership Coach.

With over 20+ years of experience shifting celebrities, millionaires, athletes, and business leaders from burnout and breakdown to breakthrough, she utilises cutting-edge tools to ignite unprecedented success.

Dubbed the "Platinum Woman”, Ella combines relentless passion, unparalleled expertise, and transformative strategies to elevate lives and careers to extraordinary heights.

Ella's proven system, The Platinum Method™ and MAPS™ Technology, offers a holistic approach—spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical—designed to achieve profound embodied self-mastery at every level of your being.

Ella has since founded Platinum Mastery, the pinnacle of internationally accredited self-mastery programs worldwide, and Platinum Legacy, an internationally accredited peak performance and leadership program.

Ella's vision is to help 10,000 people, with proceeds from her masterminds supporting initiatives to send rescued children home, educate the homeless, and get them empowered and employed, ensuring children are safe and off the streets.

Ella is the Lynchpin between you and your full potential.

Ella’s approach is almost impossible to put into words. It needs to be experienced before it can even begin to be explained. For the complete 360 degree, total mind, body and spirit experience I recommend you trusting Ella with your time and resources."

- David Fagan

Speaker, Author, Expert, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing



From Trauma to Triumph

Ella’s journey began amidst early childhood trauma, which set the stage for a life built on a foundation of low self-worth and coping strategies that included people-pleasing, performing, and perfectionism.

However, it was this darkness that led her on a hero’s quest to bring light to the shadow, heal, and fall deeply in love with herself and her soul's mission—so she could help others do the same.




After years of mastering coaching, business strategy, and management in the health and wellness industry, Ella embraced a bold career shift into entrepreneurship and perfecting her natural talents as a deep intuitive. She dived into the world of governing energetics, quantum healing, ritual, and Sacred Sexuality.

She discovered that awakening her own sensual power (and marrying her feminine and masculine energies) unlocked a profound bio-hack for success. Pioneering this integration of Contemporary Tantra within her Platinum Method™ and MAPS™ technology became a tool to fast-track deep healing, release past trauma, and remove obstacles holding her, and hundreds of her clients, back.

A Lifelong Commitment to Learning

Growing up as the daughter of renowned psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Janet Hall, Ella was immersed in the world of personal and professional development from a young age. She attended her first self-development workshop at four years old and has since become a certified Master Life Coach, Pleasure Expert, and Quantum Healing Practitioner. Her extensive training includes modalities such as: NLP, EFT, DISC and teachings from Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay, among others.

Mentorship & Training

Ella has trained with some of the best in the business, including but not limited to:

  • Robert Kiyosaki: Hawaii Business School - Money & You - author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  • Benjamin J Harvey: Authentic Education

  • Dane Tomas: Creator of The Spiral and author of Clear Your Shit, The Conscious Hustle, and Secrets of a Sex Wizard

  • Susan Wyatt: Creator of Compass. Ella is a trained Compass Navigator (Governing Energetics), inspiring Ella’s own accelerated program, Compass Momentum

  • Shanie Marie: Creatrix of Orgasmic Hearts, where Ella trained to facilitate workshops on modern Tantric practice and ritual for the Feminine

She has also travelled the world to work with leaders in the fields of conscious business, shamanism, health, and wellbeing, and sacred sexuality.



Ella’s unique approach to personal and professional development integrates pleasure and quantum healing. She helps clients from all over the world transform fears and limitations into strengths and Platinum Gold, creating a life of holistic success—from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond. Her programs are designed to help high-performers unlock their true potential, maintain peak performance and achieve their highest aspirations.

A BIGGER Mission for Good

By 2035 Ella’s mission is to empower and partner with 10,000 high performers as she is dedicated to making a global impact through B1G1 initiatives, with proceeds from her masterminds contributing to efforts to rescue children from sex trafficking, educate and empower the homeless, and provide safe shelter for children in need. Her vision is to create a ripple effect of BIG impact and positive change that extends far beyond her immediate circle, touching lives around the world.

Leading the Way

Now Australia’s Leading Female Peak Performance & Leadership Coach with over two decades of experience. Ella has invested heavily in her own education and self-mastery, accumulating hundreds of thousands of embodied hours practising her craft and working with clients globally.

As the CEO and Founder of internationally certified mentorship and mastermind programs Platinum Mastery™ and Platinum Legacy™, CEO at Conscious Business & Lifestyle Solutions, Creator of the Flower of Life™ - Mastery Wheel, Director at STM Health & Wellness - The Home of Sacred Touch, and Owner and Facilitator at Breakthrough Retreats, Ella continues to guide individuals on a journey of self-mastery and profound transformation, empowering them to create a life of deep meaning, connection, abundance, and impact.

“You are your Business - You take you into every area of your life: from the Bedroom to the Boardroom and Beyond.

When one area of life is suffering, the whole will suffer. Therefore we must approach the whole to facilitate fast and lasting change”

-Ella Hall



Achieve a profound clarity breakthrough. By eliminating the fears and limitations holding you back, you'll build a solid foundation of inner confidence. With a clear vision, align your goals for the next 1-3+ years and tap into your healthy, embodied essence to take inspired action. Navigate your path with certainty, achieving self-mastery in all areas of life.


Harmonise every aspect of yourself. Through impactful exercises, confront and dismantle limiting beliefs, expanding your self-awareness. Integrate pleasure, fostering genuine transformation, and transcend ingrained patterns to unlock your boundless potential. Achieve profound, enduring change personalised to your 1-3 year goals and authentic vision for self-mastery.


Grow yourself to grow your wealth. Redefine success from the inside out. Release the handbrake on the Ferrari that is your life through Ella's pioneering MAPS™ process. Explore the interplay between pleasure and wealth, breaking through your money ceiling to authentically live a Platinum life. Align passion with profit and transition into a new identity that reflects your true worth. Cultivate both personal and financial growth, establishing sustainable change and boundless prosperity.


Place yourself back in the driver's seat of your Ferrari life. Discover essential skills to sustain momentum. With a clear, personalised roadmap, effortlessly flow with intention, integrating principles seamlessly into your being and life. Ascend to greater levels of joy, prosperity, and deep fulfilment as you embody your personal power. Operate at peak performance from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond, fueled by the power of pleasure and authentic self-alignment.


Book a Clarity Breakthrough Discovery Call to explore how we can help you Breakthrough to achieve your specific goals and vision for peak performance and holistic success.


She takes this plethora of skills and knowledge and relishes assisting others in a practical way that Breakthrough resistance and gets RESULTS FAST!


Ella has the following Internationally Certified Mentorship Programs available:



Elevation is the Identity BREAKTHROUGH you need that will take you from feeling blocked, confused or fragmented - to clear, aligned, Sovereign and powerfully making moves, in integrity with your Vision, on Mission and in your Mastery...


The Power of Proximity to

MASTER YOUR 'MASTERS WALK' (12 month Mentorship Group Program)

Continue the journey to Grow yourself To Grow Your Wealth w world class support, a new powerful environment & the power of proximity: whilst working with the Platinum Method, guided by the Flower of Life™ Roadmap - your guarantee for embodied evidence .



(Includes Bodywork)

Fast track your Results in Life, Love & Business partnering with Ella as your personal VIP Quantum Catalyst for strategic growth aligned to your biggest Breakthrough!

Ella’s genius zone is to create and facilitate safe, sacred spaces for others to journey deep into both the conscious and subconscious to remove the blocks, patterns, and limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold them back.

Those who choose to step up to work with her, and put the work in, are guaranteed to take home fast and lasting change while being able to access ever greater levels of self-mastery and self-love in every area of life.

Whether Ella is delivering her work in a one on one session online, running groups, public speaking, presenting to the media or facilitating workshops to the masses; her work and message offers a perfect combination of yin meets yang, head meets heart, concept meets reality and raw passion meets wisdom.

She has appeared on The Morning Show, Triple J Radio, KISS FM, SBS’s Insight Program, Ticker TV, is a resident expert for ‘Clarity’ dating App, an advocate of the So Brave foundation and is a frequent Speaker at Sexpo Melbourne. Contributing author to ‘Your Well-Being: Sunrise Edition’ and also is a regular guest contributor for magazines, top blogs and podcasts in Australia and the U.S.

Ella is based in Melbourne, VIC Australia and works with clients all over the world via zoom online.

If you would like her to contribute to an article or magazine, present at an upcoming function or keynote, schedule a discovery call.

Ella is a Mentor you can trust."

- John Toomey

Speaker, Health Educator, Thought Leader Current Global Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Workplace Wellbeing Initiative

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